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Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!"

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Merry Christmas 2008

The Rise of the Anti-Christ

Holyday Celebration Synagogue

On "Israel's Right to Exist"

Deer Hunters

Christians too suffer occupation

Christians & Muslims weep together

The Apartheid Wall

Israel: 421 kids victim of incest

IOF barriers in WB remains as they are

Changing years in prayers

Weekly Report  Violation in Palestine

NO Italian delegation in Gaza

Jerusalem Patriarch Message

UNRWA warns Israeli

Israeli terrorism

Disaster in Gaza

Dignity denied

Artist Against War

End the Siege in Gaza Now

The war on Gaza's children

Teen crushed by Israeli bulldozer

Temporary professions in Bethlehem

Christian Zionist and Palestinians

Tomb of Virgin Mary

Bethlehem 2007 A.D.

Barak : profile of a brutal kids-killer

Israeli aggression Ein refugee-camp

Murder of the Gaza-Strip children

Israeli fire kills 3 Palestinian kids

Gaza kids under-nourished

Olive harvest  2007

Growing up under occupation

Peace is not a one side deal

Abbas Emergency Governement

Why Palestinians elected Hamas

UN : Gaza economy crash soon

Palestinians desperate return Gaza

Behind closed borders

Abbas & Israel cooperation in W.B.

Palestinians: No Vichy Government

Denied pool result

A wall between Gaza & Sinai

Israel plans attack on Gaza

The Battle of Gaza

Palestinian Pinochet Making......

Top Israeli Rabbis Advocate genocide

Zionism and Doctrine of Election

Walls in Bagdad & Westbank

Silent consent of passive World

No rest for Gaza Strip

Barghouthi: Israel war crimes

Lebanon violence

Sabra and Shatila massacre

Plan for the Middle East

Judaization of  Arab Jerusalem

Zionism and the Doctrine of Election
Palestine: Forty Years of Occupation

Children of the dust

In Memory of the Nakba

Barghouthi: Israel commits war crimes

No Rest for Gaza Strip Palestinians
Silent Consent of a Passive World
Lebanon violence

The forgotten Torture Chambers... 

Paralysis, Prophets, and Forgiveness

Why Israel is after me

Deir Yassin Continues

Prelude to the Third Intifada?

Blood On Our Hands

Imprisoning mothers and wives

My birthday in Jabalya refugee camp

Demolished homes  in Hebron

Palestine for Non-Palestinians Only?

Mordechai Vanunu


Killed 900 Palestinian kids in 7 years

Zionist project in Palestine

In memory of Deir Yassin

Apartheid Israel Killing Arab Infants

Latin Patriarchate  Easter Message

Easter Message sent by the patriarchs

An Interview with Ilan Pape.

Visit Palestine

The Untold Stories

Nablus Invasion Diary I

Nablus Invasion Diary II

Nablus Invasion Diary III

War & Irony on Hebron Hilltops

Existence is Resistance

Israelis NO Partner in Peace

The crime of  being born Palestinian

Humiliation and Child Abuse

The Price of Ignorance

Palestinian prisoner addresses mother

Similarity between the ethnic cleansing...

German Bishops See Racist Israel...

Saturday of Lent in the Holy Sepulcher

Holy Land Patriarch calls Catholics...

Occupied Gaza like apartheid South Africa

Living in a cage




Sancte Michael Archangele,

defende nos in proelio,

contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium.

Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae caelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtude in infernum detrude. Amen


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CIA-Mossad preparing new war

Thursday, 04 February

A secret meeting between the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Leon Panetta and Israeli officials has reportedly centered on Iran's nuclear program.

In a secret flying visit to Israel on Thursday, the head of the CIA reportedly discussed Iran's nuclear issue in a sit-down with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Mossad Chief Meir Dagan.

The trip, which was originally scheduled to take place in May, follows a recent wave of developments in the Middle East that strongly imply preparations for a possible new military conflict in the region.

.........(read the full article...leggi tutto...).........

Gaza’s embargoed roses: the dark years

 For two decades the Gaza Strip has exported millions of flowers to the West. But the situation deteriorated seriously in the past three years. Horticulturalists’ greenhouses were bombed during the war and power cuts and water shortages compounded an already difficult situation.

But the biggest obstacle has been the blockade. Growers had to wait in hope that the gates to the enclave would be opened. Meanwhile their flowers would wither and become unsellable.

Many growers preferred giving their flowers away as cattle feed rather than destroying them.

.........(read the full article...leggi tutto...).........

What Iran's Jews want

At Palestine Square, opposite a mosque called Al-Aqsa, is a synagogue where Jews of this ancient city gather at dawn. Over the entrance is a banner saying: “Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution from the Jewish community of Esfahan.” The Jews of Iran remove their shoes, wind leather straps around their arms to attach phylacteries and take their places.

Soleiman Sedighpoor, an antique dealer with a store full of treasures, leads the service from a podium

under a chandelier. I inquired how he felt about the chants of “Death to Israel” —“Marg Bar Esraeel” — that punctuate life in Iran.

“Let them say ‘Death to Israel,”’ he said. “I’ve been in this store 43 years and never had a problem. I’ve visited my relatives in Israel, but when I see something like the attack on Gaza, I demonstrate, too, as an Iranian.”

.........(read the full article...leggi tutto...).........

Khazarian Ashkenazi "Jews" terror


How Khazarian Ashkenazi "Jews" Invented Modern Terrorism before 911


Auschwitz Survivor Claims Elie Wiesel is an Impostor

Translated from the Hungarian

Israel harvesting organs in Haiti?

20 Jan 2010 - presstv.com

While media reports from Haiti express amazement at Israel's well-equipped medical delegation to the quake-stricken nation, some critics have warned against organ theft.
The Israeli medical team dispatched to Haiti has set up a field hospital in the tremor-battered Caribbean country, winning Western media praise for doing what even their American peers have not yet managed to accomplish.
But a video posted on Youtube by an American resident of Seattle, Washington on Tuesday took the shine off the Israeli professionalism that media have raved about in the past few days.
In his video, T. West of a group called AfriSynergy Productions suggested that soldiers in the military delegation to the earthquake site in Haiti might be involved in stealing organs from their patients.....

.........(...read the full article...).........


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Gaza is still standing with dignity

By Ismail Haniyeh - Thursday, 07 January 2010


That the elected government in Gaza still enjoys the popular support of its people is a mark of the failure of Israel’s criminal blockade and war launched one year ago. Today, our people enjoy the support of millions throughout the world; thousands of them are knocking at the gates of Rafah to enter to show their solidarity. On the contrary, Israel, the occupying Power, has become isolated and despised by peoples of conscience everywhere. Wanted for war crimes, its leaders are forced to avoid many international cities they once used as thoroughfares. There is only one explanation for Israel’s relegation to the status of a rogue state. The world is sick and tired of their oppression and injustice..........

.........(...read the full article...).........


 Middleeastmonitor.org - Thursday, 21 January 2010


.........(...read the full article...).........

Israeli Excavations Lead To A Collapse

Near The Al Aqsa Mosque

 Monday January 18, 2010 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies

Pictures by TerraSantaLibera.org

The ongoing illegal Israeli excavations near and under the Al Aqsa Mosque and its surrounding areas, in occupied East Jerusalem, caused on Monday at dawn a collapse in the center of Wad Hilwa Street, in Silwan, south of the Al Aqsa Mosque.........(read the full article)

The Reality Of Israel


Jewish woman, Nurit Peled , tells the truth about Israel ....Israeli peace activist Professor Nurit Peled whose own 13-year-old daughter was killed by a suicide bomber in 1997 but instead of speaking against the palestinians, she speaks in favour of them and reveals the reality of Israel

"My little girl was murdered because she was an Israeli, by a young man who was humiliated, oppressed and desperate to the point of suicide and murder and inhumanity, just because he was a Palestinian."

The Next False Flag:

An Attack On the U.S. Embassy in Yemen

Kurt Nimmo - Infowars.com - January 5, 2010

Earlier today, the Daily Telegraph reported that a truck of explosives and weapons managed to slip past a surveillance operation in Sana’a, Yemen.

“The revelations came as western diplomatic missions in Sana’a went into lockdown following threats from al-Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate, which has taken responsibility for a failed attempt to blow up an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day,” the newspaper reported. “The identity of those who smuggled the weapons contingent into Sana’a has not been disclosed, and it is unclear if its disappearance is linked to al-Qaeda’s increasingly powerful Yemeni branch, al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula.”

“Diplomats dismissed speculation that the vanishing convoy could presage an imminent attack on Western interests in the city.”

An attack on “Western interests” or an embassy or two would play right into the hands of the U.S. and Britain.

.........(...read the full article...).........

Israel admits to organ thefts

Israel has admitted that it harvested organs from the dead bodies of Palestinians and Israelis in the 1990s, without permission from their families.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The admission follows the release of an interview with Jehuda Hiss, the former head of Israel's forensic institute, in which he said that workers at the institute had harvested skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from Israelis, Palestinians and foreign workers......(read the full article)

    Tarpley on Russia Today:

    Nigerian Terrorist Patsy Yet Another CIA Ploy in US-backed Buildup of al Qaeda in Yemen Civil War


     The goal here is to play Iran against Saudi Arabia so as to weaken both the pro-Moscow Achmadinejad government in Iran, and also those Saudi forces that are fed up with their status as a US protectorate. The US is openly now sponsoring a regroupment of “al Qaeda” (the CIA Moslem legion) in Yemen , including by sending fighters direct from Guantanamo........(read the full article)


VIDEO : Israeli separation barrier cuts family from village


Hani Amer, a Palestinian resident of the West Bank village of Mas'ha, must pass through padlocks, fences and two gates to get from his home on one side to any other part of town.
Israel's separation barrier has cut off Amer's home from those of his neighbours and the view of his village has been replaced by the wall.
Israel says it built the wall to protect its citizens from Palestinian attacks, but Amer, who lives on the same side as Israeli settlers in the West Bank, says it is his family that needs protection.

Nicole Johnston reports - Al Jazeera - 8 nov. 2009

judge Richard Goldstone:

Report of the United Nations

against israeli crimes

PDF document 6.50 mb

VIDEO : Goldstone challenges

US over Gaza report

Bono & the Jewish Media Celebrate

the Fall of One Wall and Ignore Another

November 5, 2009


.........(...read the full article...).........

The  True  Character  of  Jews  shows  in  Jerusalem

Kawther Salam - 6 October 2009


These pictures, copied from a Palestinian newspaper, say everything about the character of Jerusalem under the power of the occupying jews, of what the Israeli jews have become after over 61 years of incessant devotion to crime, after over 61 years of impunity, after over 61 years of silence from the Arab countries and the rest of the world, after over 61 years of excessive privilege, after over 61 years of letting the world pay for their crimes: child beating cowards............(read the full article)

Was Dostoevsky Wrong?

October 4, 2009

Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский


.........(...read the full article...).........

Non-violent formula for controlling the Jews

(by an anonimous american)

.........(...read the full article...).........


(some of them, maybe, have been removed from YouTube,

but we have the original copies and we will replace them soon...)




2) Director for Holocaust museum and member of the Anti-Defamation League has been arrested for possessing more than 23 child pornography videos.


3) Dozens of politicians, rabbis and developers have been arrested in New Jersey, accused of trafficking human kidneys and laundering money in a scheme that stretched from Switzerland and Israel to Manhattan.


4) Brooklyn Rabbi Trafficking in Human Organs

A Girl (child) from Gaza/Palestine tells her story describing her family's experience under the war


A war of colonial conquest in Afghanistan

James Cogan

The largest military operation since the Obama administration took office is now underway in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Some 4,000 marines, along with hundreds of British troops, are attempting to impose control over an ethnic Pashtun population that has opposed the US-led occupation ever since the 2001 invasion overthrew the Taliban government and installed a puppet regime.

At the same time, the Pakistani government, primarily because of financial and political coercion by Washington, has ordered its military into a brutal offensive against the Pashtun people of northwest Pakistan. Their crime is that they share a common history, language and culture with the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and provide support to the Taliban insurgency over the ill-defined border between the two countries.

The human cost has already been staggering. In a savage act of collective punishment, the Pakistani military has forced at least 2.5 million people from their homes in tribal agencies such as Bajaur and Mohmand and from the Swat Valley district of North West Frontier Province. The US is complementing the assault with almost daily airstrikes on the homes of alleged Pakistani insurgent leaders, particularly in the agencies of South and North Waziristan. This week alone, American missiles have slaughtered at least 80 men, women and children..................................(read the full article)

The effect of Israeli war crimes in Gaza six months later


Here is more testimony of the ongoing Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians, war crimes by the so-called "Jewish state," which do not exercise most of the intelligentsia, media or human rights mavens of the West. The Zionists claim that Pope Pius XII was "silent" about the Nazi "Holocaust" and this is a major issue in the western media confronting the Catholic Church. But how much of an issue is the silence regarding the Israeli holocaust -- a holocaust which continues to this day? Are you silent about Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people?

In the immediate aftermath of Israel's bloody three-week war with Hamas in January, Peter Beaumont travelled to Gaza and met the Palestinians devasted by the death of their families and the destruction of their neighborhoods. Six months later he returns to find they are still waiting - to rebuild both their homes and their lives.

Peter Beaumont, The Observer


...read the full article and view pictures...

Pirates of the Mediterranean

by Paul Craig Roberts 

On June 30, the government of Israel committed an act of piracy when the Israeli Navy in international waters illegally boarded the "Spirit of Humanity," kidnapped its 21-person crew from 11 countries, including former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and Nobel Laureate Mairead MaGuire, and confiscated the cargo of medical supplies, olive trees, reconstruction materials, and children’s toys that were on the way to the Mediterranean coast of Gaza.....................................(read the full article)


30 June 2009


23 miles off the coast of Gaza, 15:30pm


Today Israeli Occupation Forces attacked and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 countries, including Noble laureate Mairead Maguire and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

The passengers and crew are being forcibly dragged toward Israel...(read the full article)





To mark two years of the closure Israel has imposed on the Gaza Strip, a new online film was released last Thursday by eight human rights organizations in Israel. During the past two years, Israel has tightened the closure of the Gaza Strip, almost completely preventing passage of goods and people to and from the Strip. Human rights organizations in Israel: It is up to Israel to lift the closure on the Gaza Strip for the betterment of both sides. Watch the film below or at http://www.gisha.org/2years






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B'tselem Annual Report

about the Human Rights

in the Occupied Territories

PDF document 3.27 MB

Demonstrator killed in Bil’in by Israeli forces

West Bank 17 April 2009

A Bil'in resident has been killed by Israeli forces during a demonstration. Basem Abu Rahme, 29 years of age, was shot in the stomach with a high-velocity tear gas projectile. The tear-gas projectile, labeled “40 mm bullet, special/long range” in Hebrew has also critically injured American national, Tristan Anderson at a demonstration in Ni’lin on 13 March 2009 when he was shot in the head from 60 meters.......................(read the full article)




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Palestinian farmers

have been repeatedly fired

upon by Israeli forces for working their lands within 1 km of the Green Line




Al Amannat village is located east of Khan Younis, south of the village of Khoza’a. 


The farmers’ fields are located around  500 meters from the Green Line, the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.


Palestinian farmers have been repeatedly fired upon by Israeli forces for working their lands within 1km of the Green Line.....(read the article)


who is the man behind BARAK OBAMA

Interview to Webster Tarpley

(part  1)


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 Interview to Webster Tarpley

(part  2)


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from "Palestinian Information Centre"

palestine-info.co.uk - Sat 04 Apr 2009

Year IV   - Bulletin  19 -   26  MARCH  2009

Western Wall rabbi says pope should not wear cross at site

By MATTHEW WAGNER, Jerusalem Post

Ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's May visit to Israel, the rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinovitch, has said that it is not proper to come to the site wearing a cross....(...)...At the time Rabinovitch told the Post that "crosses are a symbol that hurt Jewish feelings.".........(read the full article)

Year IV   - Bulletin  18 -   21  FEBRUARY  2009

Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide against the Palestinian Children in the Gaza Strip


International sentence:
"Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide against the Palestinian Children in the Gaza Strip"

International Prosecutors from 11 countries worldwide on the International Tribunal for Children, issued an initial ruling on crimes against Gaza.

The International Tribunal over the Childhood Affected by War and Poverty of the Mission Diplomatique Internationale Humanitaire RWANDA 1994, through its International President, Sergio Tapia and International Human Rights Prosecutor of the International Tribunal of Conscience, reported to the international community to the First ruling against Crimes against Genocide and on Palestinian Children in the Gaza Strip into the largest concentration camp in the world today is the most densely populated place on the planet has only 360 km2, where 1,500,000 people live in which 50 percent are children and 80 percent are below the poverty level........................................(read the full article)


Re-routing of Apartheid Wall in Qalqilya to annex land for settlement

International Solidarity Movement


The new Wall will be constructed in such a way that will separate the three villages Ras at Tira, Wadi ar Rasha and Ad Dab’a from their agricultural land. Villages themselves will return to the Palestinian side, while their olive fields and agricultural land will stay on the Israeli side.

As the majority of the people in these villages are farmers, they will be deprived of their livelihoods. The new construction will also do massive damage to the land, as a swath of approximately 70 meters wide by five kilometers long will be cleared and bulldozed with all existing trees and vegetation to be uprooted.............(read the full article)


No Ceasefire or Respite in Gaza
A Psychological & Humanitarian Disaster

by Yazeed Kamaldien, islamonline.net

Although the "ceasefire" is technically announced, Gazans who were not killed, are not only coping with no food, water, and electricity- as before the Israeli onslaught, but are now also having to cope with denied access to healthcare, denied access to aid, and are forced to survive amidst a decimated infrastructure where sewerage spills into their lives where love and homes once existed. Photo-Journalist Yazeed Kamaldien discovered the following by spending one week in Gaza where psychological support teams are themselves in need of help.............................(read the full article)


Year IV   - Bulletin  17 -   17  FEBRUARY  2009

Extremism Dominates Israeli Polls

Mel Frykberg, ipsnews.net

"The peace process is based on three false basic assumptions," said Avigdor Lieberman, leader of Israel's extreme right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, which will dictate the formation and political course of the next Israeli government.

Although Lieberman garnered 15 seats, fewer than the 20 predicted by political analysts on the eve of the elections, his strong showing will enable him to strongly influence who leads the next government.............................................(read the full article)


We were engaged across the fence

in the prison visitors' hall

I visited Jamal many times and we continued to talk about plans for the future, though we didn’t mention how far off they were. Jamal used to remind me of our old memories when we were at school and how we met and put many plans for our own house. It was these memories that got us through the hard parts.
After we would speak I would go home and close the door to my room. I would want to just be alone with my memories of Jamal and review our conversation a hundred times in my head. There were many many times that I would come home and cry. There is one visit I will never forget. Our families announced to all those in the village of Beit Sahour that Jamal and I were to be engaged the following week. Dozens gathered on the appointed day and traveled with me and Jamal’s mother to the prison. There was singing and clapping on the bus, though I could see Jamal’s mother holding back tears though she tried to smile....................................................(read the full article)


Year IV   - Bulletin  16 -   10  FEBRUARY  2009

The secret life of Tzipi Livni

Le Figaro – BBC – Time – Reuters – Effedieffe

How the woman set to be Israel’s new leader earned her

spurs as an agent working for a covert cell in an elite spy unit


It is an eye-catching episode on the CV of any would-be prime minister: a dangerous, youthful stint as a spy in one of the world’s most respected and feared secret services.


True to her training, Tzipi Livni, the Israeli leader-in-waiting, has maintained a Sphinx-like silence about her Mossad career in Paris in the early 1980s. Consequently, reports on her service have pegged her as anything from a frontline agent hunting down Arab terrorists across Europe to a mere house-sitter deployed to provide a respectable front for Mossad safe houses in the French capital..................(read the full article)


Year IV   - Bulletin  15 -   6  FEBRUARY  2009

Controversial Bestseller Shakes the Foundation of the Israeli State


What if the entire tale of the Jewish Diaspora

 is historically wrong?

by Joshua Holland, AlterNet.org, 28 January 2009

What if the Palestinian Arabs who have lived for decades under the heel of the modern Israeli state are in fact descended from the very same "children of Israel" described in the Old Testament?

And what if most modern Israelis aren't descended from the ancient Israelites at all, but are actually a mix of Europeans, North Africans and others who didn't "return" to the scrap of land we now call Israel and establish a new state following the attempt to exterminate them during World War II, but came in and forcefully displaced people whose ancestors had lived there for millennia?

What if the entire tale of the Jewish Diaspora -- the story recounted at Passover tables by Jews around the world every year detailing the ancient Jews' exile from Judea, the years spent wandering through the desert, their escape from the Pharaoh's clutches -- is all wrong?....(read the full article)


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